The Z103 Haunted Bus

Wanna win two seats on the Z103 Haunted Bus? Join us this Friday from 4-6pm at Just 4 KiDDS Dentistry. Sign up to win one of dozens of tickets. Also, sign up here for an extra chance to win.

Tex-Mex Bacon Thickburger

Listen to Matty Merrill on Z103 for your chance to win your own Tex-Mex Bacon Thickburger!

What Today's Women Want

The expo runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily sponsored by High Valley Dermatology. Your admission gets you in both days. PLUS Shannon Wilker Foundation Lip Sync - Contest 3 age groups! Click here for more info.

Brad & Tara Trust Fund

Do you trust Brad & Tara? Give $1 or $5 to the Brad & Tara Trust Fund. We're not telling where the money's going until the drive is over. You gotta trust us.
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Ariana Grande Is Obsessed with Mascara, but Can’t Sit Through a Manicure

Alfredo FloresWith her signature high pony and perfectly-applied cat-eye always in place, Ariana Grande is a beauty icon for fans everywhere. In an interview in... read more


Justin Bieber’s Dad Says He’s “Proud” of His Son After Nude Pics Surface

Peter YangAs if seeing Justin Bieber completely naked online wasn't startling enough, the singer's dad just made things even weirder. While Justin’s legal team is threatening... read more


Nick Jonas Releases Moody, Black-and-White Video for “Area Code”

Randall SlavinNick Jonas has released the moody new video to accompany his hip-hop-influenced jam, “Area Code.” In the black-and-white clip, a hoodie-wearing Nick sings in the... read more


Selena Gomez Explains Why She Responded to Cyber-Bullies

ABC/Randy HolmesSelena Gomez said she never had to deal with fat-shamers until pictures of her on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last April... read more


Adam Lambert Has the Las Vegas Blues in “Another Lonely Night” Video

ABC/Ida Mae AstuteAdam Lambert is a lonely Las Vegas lounge singer in the new video for his song “Another Lonely Night.” The singer hits the... read more


One Direction Confirm New “Perfect” New Single

SYCO/Columbia RecordsOne Direction has the perfect follow-up single to "Drag Me Down."  The group has announced that the next single from their upcoming album Made in... read more


Mariah Carey Announces 2nd Annual Christmas Concert Series

PRNewsFoto/PMK*BNCGet ready for a Mariah Carey Christmas...again. The singer will be kicking off her second annual All I Want for Christmas Is You concert series... read more


Madonna Watches Prince Play Late-Night Gig at Minnesota’s Paisley Park

Heather Wines/CBSA small Minnesota crowd gathered to watch Prince play a set in the wee hours of Friday morning, but there was one very big... read more


Taylor Swift Says “There’s Nothing I Would Change About My Life”

Jason Merritt/Getty Images via ABCAre you getting sick of hearing about Taylor Swift’s special on-stage tour guests? Too bad, says Taylor. She does it for... read more


Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” Earns Third RIAA Platinum Certification

ABC/Randy HolmesWiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth continue to win big with their smash hit, "See You Again." Just a day after the song’s music video... read more

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