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Meghan Trainor Forced to Postpone M Train Tour Due to Vocal Hemorrhage

ABC/Adam TaylorMeghan Trainor was all set to kick off her second-ever tour, the M Train tour, today in Atlantic City, but things hit a last... read more


New Expose Claims Christina Aguilera Upset Aid Workers in Haiti

Brian Bowen Smith/NBCYou might not want to invite Christina Aguilera on your next humanitarian mission. According to a new expose published in U.K.’s The Guardian,... read more


Nico & Vinz Release Tropical Music Video for “Fresh Idea”

Sara McColgan/Warner Bros. RecordsThe new Nico & Vinz music video will make you want to back your bags and head to a tropical island. The visual... read more


Rihanna Gets Nude and Bloody in “BBHMM” Video

ABC/Lou Rocco Rihanna seeks revenge in the dark and violent video for “B***h Better Have My Money.” In the cinematic clip, which she co-directed with Megaforce,... read more


Demi Lovato Says New Song “Sounds Nothing Like” Katy Perry and Jessie J

Safehouse Records/Hollywood RecordsDemi Lovato has hit back against critics who are saying her new song, “Cool for the Summer,” rips off Katy Perry and Jessie... read more


Mariah Carey Says She Swims in Evening Gowns and Heels

Denise Truscello/WireImageThink you know everything about Mariah Carey? Think again. The singer just revealed 25 surprising facts about herself to Us Weekly, including the bizarre... read more


Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem on Michigan Cable Access Show

Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTubeWhile the set for his new CBS late-night program is being built, Stephen Colbert is apparently itching to get behind a... read more


Chris Daughtry on Playing for the Troops, Chowing Down on Fourth of July

Frank Micelotta / FOXTo some, the Fourth of July means the beach, beer and barbecues, but Daughtry will spend that day being reminded of the... read more


Jason Derulo Living the American Dream on the Fourth of July

ABC/Heidi GutmanThe Fourth of July is a great time to remember what America is all about, and for many immigrants, it's about the American... read more


Taylor Swift on Crop Top Obsession: “That’s All You’ll See Me Wear for Two Years”

Image Group LA/ABCNo, you’re not imagining it. Taylor Swift has been wearing cop tops and flared mini-skirts a lot lately. And she readily admits her... read more

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