100 Days Of Dance: Napoleon Dynamite Style!

Let’s be hon­est here for a second.

When Napoleon Dyna­mite came out back in 2004, Idaho was put on the MAP because of it (besides that time when peo­ple real­ized our pota­toes are really good).

Well… some dude took video of him­self doing the entire dance scene from Napoleon Dyna­mite for 100 days straight… and then edited all the videos together to make one con­stantly chang­ing video (costume-wise).

This is impressive.

By the way, if you SOMEHOW missed the orig­i­nal ver­sion of the dance, here’s a video to bring you up to speed:

AAAAAND, while I was perus­ing around on YouTube, I found that some­one had made a REMAKE of that entire scene… and it’s SPOT on. Most peo­ple wouldn’t have real­ized that they weren’t watch­ing the real movie.


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