Angelina vs. Jennifer AGAIN!

Will these two ever have the oppor­tu­nity to get along? Seri­ously, hasn’t this been going on for what seems like YEARS now!

We all know about how much pub­lic­ity Angelina Jolie’s leg (yes, her LEG) got at the Oscars over the weekend.

But, could she have stolen that exact look from Jen­nifer Anis­ton? You be the judge:

The pic­ture of Angelina was taken over the week­end at the Oscars. The pic­ture of Jen­nifer was taken TWO YEARS AGO at the Golden Globe Awards. Ummmm, maybe there is a lit­tle bit too much resem­blance? OR, could it just be 100% fluke?

Tell us what you think: was it flukey or did Angelina plan that? Also, who do you think can pull off the look better?

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