Angry Balloons!

This is Angry Birds in a much more real­is­tic and hilar­i­ous man­ner! It’s Angry WATER Balloons!

Here is how it works: peo­ple who are crazy enough to get DRILLED in the face with a water bal­loon.…. well, they get drilled in the face with a water bal­loon, lol.

BUT, it is all video-taped AND it gets seen in slow-motion. And let me tell you, it is AMAZING to see the reaction!

For exam­ple, check out this guy who was unlucky enough to get hit in the face with a water bal­loon that DIDN’T BREAK!

Or, check out this HUGE water bal­loon that def­i­nitely caused their lawn to die:

Here is one where the bal­loon DOES BURST on the dude’s face, but not before cov­er­ing his ENTIRE HEAD!

Why am I fas­ci­nated with this? No idea. It’s just cool!

BONUS!! Video from “The Amaz­ing Race” where a con­tes­tant gets NAILED in the face with a WATERMELON com­ing from an over­sized SLINGSHOT!

Ouch, that must have hurt.

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