Animal Sports!

You have heard the weird sto­ries from time to time of LIVE ANIMALS show­ing up at indoor sport­ing events with some­times cat­a­strophic results.

I am not here to tell you about the cat­a­strophic results. I’m here to tell you about the funny ones.

Like a cou­ple days ago when some ran­dom CAT ended up in the mid­dle of an Israeli bas­ket­ball league game. The funny part? The team mas­cot was a DOG.

Check out the video of the Dog chas­ing the Cat:

Oh there’s more! How about Auburn University’s “War Eagle” that flies around dur­ing foot­ball games (I know this one is out­doors, but still). The War Eagle is no excep­tion to the rule that birds will try to fly through glass windows:

Another CRAZY instance of wildlife show­ing up at sport­ing events was in 2009 at an NBA game between San Anto­nio and Sacra­mento. A real-life BAT was fly­ing around inside the AT&T Cen­ter, caus­ing a delay in the game. The bat actu­ally flew right by Spurs’ guard Manu Gino­bili, and in a quick reac­tion, he SWATTED the bat right out of mid-air!

There have been a lot of encoun­ters with wildlife at sport­ing events. Check out these these five clips in this video that show dif­fer­ent sports deal­ing with wildlife, includ­ing seag­ulls, a guinea pig, a snake, and some ducks/geese.

You hate for some of those moments to hap­pen to you, but gosh darn it, they are sure funny later!

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