April Fools Forwards?

This isn’t really an April Fools’ Day kind of prank. But the peo­ple at Break.com found a deserv­ing wait­ress in L.A., and decided to prank her in a NICE way.

Her name is Chelsea Roff. And in the begin­ning of the video, they explain that she had to raise her lit­tle sis­ter by her­self, over­came a seri­ous eat­ing dis­or­der by get­ting really into Yoga, and now runs her own nonprofit.

First they had some­one leave a $1,000 tip. Then some­one left two plane tick­ets to Hawaii as their tip. And another cus­tomer offered her a job teach­ing yoga for a much BIGGER nonprofit.

Her last cus­tomer gave her a key, and brought her out­side where a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time drove up in a brand new CAR.


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