April Fools Pranks!

Obvi­ously, with yes­ter­day being April Fools’ Day, lots of peo­ple out there were try­ing their best to prank other peo­ple. From fake birth­days to fake preg­nan­cies, pretty much every­thing was in play. Even major com­pa­nies got in on the fun.

Here is a list of some April Fools’ Day pranks/jokes that big com­pa­nies did:

1. West­Jet Air­lines came up with a new con­cept of “Kargo Kids”, where instead of bring­ing your kids on the plane, they get to have a party in the bag­gage stor­age area:

2. YouTube came out with their “Ulti­mate Col­lec­tion” where you could order every sin­gle video upload onto a DVD. The price tag for that? A lit­tle over $2 MILLION.

3. Hun­gry Hun­gry Hip­pos is back.… with their iPad ver­sion of the game. Not really:

4. The Sony Vaio Q Ultra­Book is the small­est lap­top ever. It’s the size of a quar­ter and fits right in your pocket!

5. Tired of the basic rec­tan­gu­lar smart pads? You should try out “Shapes” by Toshiba:

6. Conan O’Brien buys Mash­able for only $3,500. Find out what he plans to do with it:

7. Could you send mes­sages using Morse Code? Google thinks you can with their new technology:

8. This one might be my favorite. It’s Google Maps.…. in 8-bit Nin­tendo format:

What are some of your favorite pranks that you have pulled?

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