Ashton the Astronaut!

Just kid­ding. That’s the exact same thing as Michael Kelso from That 70’s Show becom­ing an astronaut.

But seri­ously, Ash­ton dropped $200,000 on a ticket for Virgin’s “Galac­tic”, a space shut­tle that will take com­mon folk (com­mon as in really really really RICH folk) into space.

The CEO of Vir­gin, Richard Bran­son, said that Ash­ton was the 500th per­son to pay for the flight. He also said that Ash­ton joins a group of true pio­neers that are on their way to a life chang­ing expe­ri­ence and that will re-write the his­tory books.

Watch the pro­mo­tional video right here:

Would YOU pay $200,000 to go into space?

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