Awesome Music Video!

I came across this last night on YouTube…. and it was flat-out AMAZING.

It’s by Oren Lavie, and it’s called “Her Morning Elegance”. The song originally came out in 2009, but it wasn’t the song that was getting all of the attention…. it was the music video! The video actually won a 2009 Grammy Awards for “Best Short Form Music Video” and has achieved over 20 MILLION views on YouTube. Why is it so popular?

It was done in what’s called “Stop Motion Style”, which is where the video camera is still running like normal, but the editors go back and take out single frames of the video to make it appear as if it it was just a regular photo camera that was taking still photos. Oren produced and co-directed the music video and said that everyone involved was so intense about it that they worked on the video for 48 hours straight without a break.

Watch the award-winning music video right here!

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