This is the 20-year old girl accusing Justin Bieber of being her baby’s daddy:

But, Justin is FIGHTING BACK. Here is what you need to know:

First, Justin said that he WILL take a paternity test to prove that he is innocent. (A paternity test determines if someone is or is not the father of a baby.)

Justin then said that once he is done taking the paternity test, he is going straight to the courthouse to SUE Mariah Yeater for everything she has. Justin’s reps said that they want to “make an example of her to keep other people from making up bogus allegations against Justin.”

Justin also says that he has never, ever met Mariah. He said that on the “Today” show on NBC last Friday. Justin also said that Mariah wants $260,000 PER MONTH in child support payments.

Mariah’s ex-boyfriend, John Terranova, also told the New York Post that Mariah had tried to convince him that he was the father. But he says he knew that she was lying because her story didn’t add up. John thinks that Justin is “definitely not the father of her baby” and that “she just wants money”. Mariah had also claimed that another unnamed man was the father of her baby before John was named.

Mariah also has a criminal record when she bashed in John’s new girlfriend’s car window with a brick and then hit John in the face three times. In fact, Mariah has to go to court for that on Dec. 12, which is just three days before she has to go to court against Justin.

Some of Mariah’s relatives said that she was “seriously thinking about giving the baby up for adoption” and that she “never talked about the father”.

Finally, Selena Gomez DID NOT break up with Justin. They are still together strong.

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