Bachelor Tebow?

Did these guys REALLY think that Tim Tebow was going to agree to this?

Chris Harrison, the guy who hosts “The Bachelor” recently got to know Tim Tebow a little bit. Chris immediately began to think that Tim would be the perfect candidate for the next edition of “The Bachelor”. So Chris asked Tim if he would be interested in becoming the next Bachelor.

What do you think Tim’s response was?

While he did say that he was flattered, Tim basically said “Yeah….. maybe”, which in the end really means, “Get real dude, it ain’t happening.”

Would YOU want to see Tim Tebow on the Bachelor?

While it would bring great ratings to the TV show, I highly doubt that Tim would EVER accept to do this, especially considering his values and the fact that the entire show is pretty much just a tournament of love. But hey, the producers of “The Bachelor” have to set their sights high, right?

Who knows, one day there may be a “Celebrity Bachelor” showcase.

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