Beyoncé's New Song Teased in Pepsi Ad

What’s bet­ter than see­ing Bey­oncé danc­ing at the Super Bowl? See­ing twenty dif­fer­ent ver­sions of Bey­oncé dance bat­tling her­self in the mirror!

Bey is look­ing fine in the new Pepsi com­mer­cial “Mir­rors” that shows the pop super­star prac­tic­ing for a show when the power of Pepsi makes her reflec­tion come alive. Her new song “Grown Woman” is fea­tured in the com­mer­cial and is drop­ping today.

Ad agency 180 LA launched the video last week on Pepsi’s YouTube chan­nel and it now has almost five mil­lion views. Jay-Z’s baby mamma is help­ing design the new Pepsi cans with her pic­ture that will be passed out at spe­cial events.

USA Today esti­mates “Grown Woman” will be seen and heard by more than 1 bil­lion peo­ple world­wide by the time the Pepsi cam­paign ends.

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