Beyoncé's New Song Teased in Pepsi Ad

What’s better than seeing Beyoncé dancing at the Super Bowl? Seeing twenty different versions of Beyoncé dance battling herself in the mirror!

Bey is looking fine in the new Pepsi commercial “Mirrors” that shows the pop superstar practicing for a show when the power of Pepsi makes her reflection come alive. Her new song “Grown Woman” is featured in the commercial and is dropping today.

Ad agency 180 LA launched the video last week on Pepsi’s YouTube channel and it now has almost five million views. Jay-Z’s baby mamma is helping design the new Pepsi cans with her picture that will be passed out at special events.

USA Today estimates “Grown Woman” will be seen and heard by more than 1 billion people worldwide by the time the Pepsi campaign ends.

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