Bieber FIGHTS A Photog!

Yeah. Crazy. I know. But apparently it’s true: Justin Bieber FOUGHT a photographer and put him in the hospital!

Here’s the deal: Justin and Selena Gomez were at a mall near his home in California on Sunday. As they were heading to their car, a paparazzi photographer dude tried to take their picture.

A scuffle broke out, and the photographer called 911. By the time police got there, Justin and Selena were gone. But the guy was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was treated for pain.

Police are investigating, and they want to talk to Justin and Selena.

BUT, here’s what witnesses had to say about the incident: The guy was blocking Justin’s car and he asked him to move. When he wouldn’t, Justin got out of his car and that’s when things got physical.

But get this: A lawyer who just happened to be on the scene walked up to the photographer after Justin left and advised him that he could make a nice wad of cash if he called an ambulance and filed a police report.

Before you ask, there’s no word exactly how the fight . . . or whatever it was . . . went down. Even with all these witnesses, there don’t seem to be any details.

But we do have some PICTURES . . . and it does look like Justin got into a physical altercation with the guy. Justin even loses his hat . . . and a shoe.

The question really is: did Justin throw his shoe at the guy? Like really, WHO THROWS A SHOE?

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