Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust?

What in the name of Jared from Sub­way is going on at Pizza Hut?

First it was the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza (which, by the way, is only avail­able in Great Britain). Now, it’s the Cheese­burger Stuffed Crust Pizza. No lie.

Pizza Hut is intro­duc­ing this in the Mid­dle East to see how it goes. They are brand­ing their new inven­tions the “Crown Crust Pizza”.

Watch this com­mer­cial for the new Crown Crust Pizza:

Ridicu­lous, I know. This is how Pizza Hut has labeled it all:

As you may have noticed, the cheese­burger stuffed crust isn’t the only thing they are cre­at­ing. They’ve also got the “Chicken Fil­let Crown Crust Pizza”. Instead of mini-cheeseburger pat­ties, it’s chicken nuggets. No joke.

What else could we put in a stuffed crust pizza? Well how about these items:

1. Bone­less Buf­falo Wings
2. Philadel­phia Cream Cheese
3. Meat­balls
4. TacoTime’s Crisp Meat Bur­rito — you know you would love it!
5. Chicken Pot Pie
6. Fish Sticks
7. Clam Chow­der — we gotta try soup at some point.
8. Tur­ba­con­ducken — If you don’t know what that is, it’s chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey wrapped in bacon stuffed into a pizza crust. It’s totally pos­si­ble, right?

What would YOU want to try in a stuffed crust pizza?

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