Christmas A to Z


A dif­fer­ent present for every let­ter, every day.

Lis­ten at 7:25am when Brad & Tara open the next present

and tune in at 5pm to win it from Matty Merrill.

Here’s what we’ve given away so far:

11/17: Let­ter ‘A’ — A&B Pro­duc­tions Bouncy House Party
11/18: Let­ter ‘B’ — Bas­ket­ball: Two Utah Jazz game tick­ets, jer­seys, and hats from Idea­com and Pro Image.
11/19: Let­ter ‘C’ — Catered Party from Port of Subs in Rexburg.
11/20: Let­ter ‘D’ — A Dia­mond Pen­dant from Alpine Jew­el­ers.
11/23: Let­ter ‘E’ — Espresso — $100 gift card to Java Espress.
11/24: Let­ter ‘F’ — Fly Rac­ing Roller Grand Bag from Rexburg Motor Sports.
11/25: Let­ter ‘G’ — Gor­geous New Makeup from Cal­li­dora Day Spa & Cos­met­ics.
11/30: Let­ter ‘H’