Chuck Norris: The Movie

Lemme tell you a true story.

Chuck Nor­ris vis­ited Chuck Nor­ris one day and asked him if he would like to play Chuck Nor­ris in an upcom­ing movie. Chuck said he would only do it if Chuck Nor­ris could write, direct, pro­duce, star, and run the cam­era, not to men­tion receive all box office prof­its. Chuck agreed to it and a mas­ter­piece was cre­ated: CHUCK NORRIS: THE MOVIE.

Actu­ally, it was just some ran­dom dude who put together a bunch of BRILLIANT Chuck Nor­ris clips to make this fake movie trailer. Included in the movie, Chuck com­bines all the plot­lines from his old movies, which means he has a mur­der to solve, a mob war to stop, and an inno­cent girl to pro­tect. Plus, he has to fight off nin­jas AND ter­ror­ists AND fight a drug war.

Sounds intense.

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