Conan O'Brien Has A LOVE CHILD?


A man who looks A LOT like CONAN O’BRIEN posted a YouTube video claim­ing to be Conan’s LOVE CHILD. Yes, it’s most likely a gag. But it’s pretty funny.

The guy’s name is Gre­gory Keat­ing, and he says his mother used to work for NBC, in the same build­ing where Conan’s show taped. But she was FIRED in 1993, after becom­ing pregnant.

Greg does a few funny bits, at one point even copy­ing Conan’s dance moves.

Then he sums it up with this… “We need each other. You need the warm embrace of your son, and I need an eas­ier finan­cial path through col­lege. So I love you, Dad.”

If Conan doesn’t put this guy on the show, it would be a hor­ri­ble trav­esty of epic proportions.


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