Don't Text & Drive

I normally like posting things that will make you laugh and feel good about your day. This post, however, is much more serious.

We are told constantly to not text and drive. There is all sorts of advertising pretty much everywhere telling you not to do it: billboards, TV, radio, your mother, etc. People all across the world have been seriously injured or even killed while texting and driving, including people in Eastern Idaho and people that I know personally. Yet, the message just isn’t getting across to the people who need it most: EVERYONE.

The problem is: everyone thinks they are exempt from the danger. They think, “Oh, it can’t happen to me.” If you think that way, you are WAY wrong.

How do I know? People I know have been injured or even killed because of a car crash from texting and driving…. and they weren’t always the ones who were doing the texting and driving.

I drove to work the other day and nearly got mowed over by someone who was texting and driving. I watched them as the went farther down the road. They nearly hit other people… because they were driving with their knees while their hands were pre-occupied.

So, when I found this video clip, I had to pass it along.

A non-profit organization in Belgium has come up with a clever way to show just how dangerous texting and driving really is.

They messed with student drivers by telling them the law was changing, and texting and driving would be ALLOWED. But to pass their driving test, they had to prove they could drive through an obstacle course and text at the same time without crashing.


Of course, they couldn’t do it, and the footage of them spinning out and running over parking cones was used for a new public service announcement.

One guy who’s trying to do it says, quote, “If this becomes law, I’ll stop driving.”

That dude better stop driving. And so should you if you text and drive.

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