Don't Text & Drive

I nor­mally like post­ing things that will make you laugh and feel good about your day. This post, how­ever, is much more serious.

We are told con­stantly to not text and drive. There is all sorts of adver­tis­ing pretty much every­where telling you not to do it: bill­boards, TV, radio, your mother, etc. Peo­ple all across the world have been seri­ously injured or even killed while tex­ting and dri­ving, includ­ing peo­ple in East­ern Idaho and peo­ple that I know per­son­ally. Yet, the mes­sage just isn’t get­ting across to the peo­ple who need it most: EVERYONE.

The prob­lem is: every­one thinks they are exempt from the dan­ger. They think, “Oh, it can’t hap­pen to me.” If you think that way, you are WAY wrong.

How do I know? Peo­ple I know have been injured or even killed because of a car crash from tex­ting and dri­ving.… and they weren’t always the ones who were doing the tex­ting and driving.

I drove to work the other day and nearly got mowed over by some­one who was tex­ting and dri­ving. I watched them as the went far­ther down the road. They nearly hit other peo­ple… because they were dri­ving with their knees while their hands were pre-occupied.

So, when I found this video clip, I had to pass it along.

A non-profit orga­ni­za­tion in Bel­gium has come up with a clever way to show just how dan­ger­ous tex­ting and dri­ving really is.

They messed with stu­dent dri­vers by telling them the law was chang­ing, and tex­ting and dri­ving would be ALLOWED. But to pass their dri­ving test, they had to prove they could drive through an obsta­cle course and text at the same time with­out crashing.


Of course, they couldn’t do it, and the footage of them spin­ning out and run­ning over park­ing cones was used for a new pub­lic ser­vice announcement.

One guy who’s try­ing to do it says, quote, “If this becomes law, I’ll stop driving.”

That dude bet­ter stop dri­ving. And so should you if you text and drive.

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