Drunk Wheel of Fortune?


How many times have you heard/shouted those words while watching Wheel of Fortune? I know I have, several hundred times!

But you know, with Pat Sajak and Vanna White hosting the game show, you kind of wondered what exactly it was that they did in between shows, right?

Well, now we know. And it’s CRAZY. But somehow, the show kept on rolling.

In between tapings of Wheel of Fortune, both Pat and Vanna would head on over to a restaurant that “happened to serve great margaritas”. They would drive between two and six margaritas before heading back to the studio to do the next show. Yes, they would tape the next show DRUNK.

Pat even admitted that he had trouble recognizing the alphabet after that.

Here is the video of him during his interview with Dan LeBatard of ESPN talking about the show and admitting hosting the show while drunk.

BONUS! Here is video of possibly the worst/funniest answer in Wheel of Fortune HISTORY!

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