Drunk Wheel of Fortune?


How many times have you heard/shouted those words while watch­ing Wheel of For­tune? I know I have, sev­eral hun­dred times!

But you know, with Pat Sajak and Vanna White host­ing the game show, you kind of won­dered what exactly it was that they did in between shows, right?

Well, now we know. And it’s CRAZY. But some­how, the show kept on rolling.

In between tap­ings of Wheel of For­tune, both Pat and Vanna would head on over to a restau­rant that “hap­pened to serve great mar­gar­i­tas”. They would drive between two and six mar­gar­i­tas before head­ing back to the stu­dio to do the next show. Yes, they would tape the next show DRUNK.

Pat even admit­ted that he had trou­ble rec­og­niz­ing the alpha­bet after that.

Here is the video of him dur­ing his inter­view with Dan LeBatard of ESPN talk­ing about the show and admit­ting host­ing the show while drunk.

BONUS! Here is video of pos­si­bly the worst/funniest answer in Wheel of For­tune HISTORY!

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