Facebook In The 90's?

Can you remem­ber back to the 90’s when all we had was dial-up inter­net and Netscape Nav­i­ga­tor? How in the world did tech­nol­ogy develop so fast?

Well, regard­less of if you can or can’t remem­ber that, some­one who has way too much time on their hands came up with an instruc­tional video for how Face­book works.… done in the style of a bad 90’s soft­ware tutorial.

If you pay close atten­tion to the details, it’s pretty cool to watch, since EVERYTHING on the 1990’s inter­net had ter­ri­ble graph­ics and lame fonts.

Doesn’t this remind you of watch­ing edu­ca­tional videos on the film strip when you were in ele­men­tary school? It was very nos­tal­gic to me.

This got me think­ing though: what if there were other things that we use today in the form of a late 80’s or early 90’s program?

This is what Twit­ter could’ve looked like:

How about Google?

What about the ridicu­lously pop­u­lar game of Angry Birds?

Or the lat­est craze, Draw Something?

It’s pretty cool to see where we are nowa­days. It’s also funny to think how awe­some we thought these graph­ics were back in the day!

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