Family Feud Historic Fail!

What’s with all of these incred­i­ble ‘FAILS’ on game shows lately?

Tuesday’s episode of “Fam­ily Feud” fea­tured the biggest col­lapse in the show’s HISTORY.

It hap­pened at the end, when the fam­ily that won was doing the speed round, which is where two of the play­ers have to answer the same five ques­tions, and get a total of 200 points.

And their first player did an amaz­ing job and got 182 of them. Mean­ing the sec­ond player (a woman named Anna) only needed 18. But unfor­tu­nately, all five of her answers were so bad, she got ZERO points, and missed out on $20,000.

Poor Anna.


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