"American Idol" Contestants Were Forced to Switch Songs at Last Minute

MichaelBecker/FOXIf some of the American Idol contestants sounded less than stellar on some of their numbers on Wednesday night, you can chalk it up to a lack of rehearsal: it turns out all the contestants were forced to switch to switch one of their songs on Monday, and only had a day to learn a new one.

Speaking to reporters Friday on a conference call, eliminated contestant Jessica Meuse said that she, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston were all supposed to perform one of their original songs on Wednesday night, in addition to their two cover songs.  But at the last minute, Jessica said, they were all told that there had been a change, and they had to do three cover songs instead.  

"We were sort of all just like, 'Oh crap, we have to learn another song now," Jess told reporters.  The one she ended up choosing at the last minute was Pink's "So What," which the judges did not enjoy.  However, Jess says she liked the performance, because she related to the lyrics.

"I loved being up there...I had fire!" she said. "So I had fun all the same, but it was definitely a little bit stressful to have to cram all that in your mind at the last minute."

As for why the producers cut the original songs, Jess says they weren't told why, but in general, she said she wanted to do at least one original song every week, but "higher powers" wouldn't allow her to.  "They want cover songs," she told reporters.  "A lot of people wanna hear songs that they know, so it's hard for a singer/songwriter who does a lot of their own material a majority of their time to adjust to that." 

Jess did, however, get to do an original song, "Blue Eyed Lie," for her farewell tune.  Asked if she'll be allowed to perform that number during the tour this summer, she said firmly, "They'd better let me do 'Blue Eyed Lie' on the tour!"

The three judges seemed to be harder on Jess this season than any other contestant.  Asked if she felt picked on at any time, she said, "I mean, at times, definitely, but I know it's part of the game and I have bigger things ahead of me and I'm very sure that I'm gonna make it happen."  

Jess says those "bigger things" include moving to Nashville, collaborating with other artists, recording an album, doing graphic design, becoming an audio engineer, going on tour and even acting.  "I wanna do absolutely everything," she said. 

And what would be Jess' dream acting role?  To be on the show that stars her admitted celebrity crush, Jensen Ackles, of course.

"If I could be in an episode of Supernatural...oh my goodness!" she told reporters. "I would love to even be the creepy person in the background, looking around for 10 seconds.   That would be OK.  It would just be amazing. I love that show. It's unhealthy!  It's an obsession!"

On a sad note, Jess revealed that she and her boyfriend had broken up due to the pressures of the show.  "I guess it's not just the right time.  He's a good guy, [but] sometimes situations really bring out the worst in people," she said ruefully.  Well, at least now, she'll have more inspiration for future songs.

You can see Jess performing Tuesday on Live with Kelly & Michael.

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