Ariana Grande's New Record Is "Huge," Says Iggy Azalea

Image Courtesy Ariana Grande via TwitterAfter hinting at it on Twitter, Ariana Grande has now confirmed that her new single, "Problem," will feature Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.  And Iggy warns fans to expect something special.

"Well, I'm extremely happy to be a part of 's new record," Iggy tweeted. "And I'm warning you now... She may be small but the record is huge."

"Love you so much @IggyAzalea," replied Ariana.

"Problem" will be out on April 27.  Ariana, who's recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction, said her fans' excitement over the news is helping her feel better.  She tweeted, "had a rough afternoon getting my stitches out and my jaw is starting to hurt a little but your energy is making me forget all bout iiiiiiit."

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