Imagine Dragons Say They Have "105" Songs for New Album Because They're "Losers"

ABC/Richard HarbaughHaving an explosive debut album -- Night Visions -- and a single -- "Radioactive" -- that spent a record 87 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart certainly qualifies Imagine Dragons as winners, but frontman Dan Reynolds describes the band as prolific “losers.”

In an interview with Billboard about new music from the group, Reynolds says the band has compiled “105 demos.”  Their collective creative juices are a result of their current lifestyle. "[W]e’ve been writing on the road since Night Visions came out two years ago – it’s not like we went home and wrote 100 songs. We’re pretty much losers and we don’t go out very much,” Reynolds reveals.

Reynolds explains the process: “So we’ll be in a city in a hotel room and...the person in the next room will be banging on the wall screaming ‘Stop singing, it’s 2am!’ But I’m singing into my computer and some of those vocals will make the next record.”

Many bands are often anxious about creating new music following a successful release, but Reynolds says his group's success has had a positive effect on their songwriting process.

“I think it’s actually been helpful,” Reynolds tells Billboard. “It could be very detrimental...You could say, now we have this popularity now and we need to show that we can make a really long art record. Or you could be like, we have to make a hit single and we need to put it out now while it’s still hot,” Reynolds admits.  He goes on to say, “But instead of all those things, we said let’s step back and do exactly what we’ve always done, which is write a ton of demos, take our time with it, hand select each one as a group without outside influence, and make music that we love.”

“We’re going to have to play it live a million times, so let’s embrace it first and foremost. And then if we love it, hopefully our fans will love it,” says Reynolds.

The singer says the band bought a house in Las Vegas that they've turned into a studio to work on the new album.  As for a release date, Reynolds says, "We told the record label it will be out when it’s ready."

The band is currently on tour in Europe.

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