Joey Fatone Says There's "Absolutely 100% No" Chance 'N SYNC Will Reunite Again -- for Now

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for MTVEver since Justin Timberlake managed to reunite 'N SYNC for the MTV Video Music Awards last year, fans have been hoping that he, Joey, Lance, Chris and JC will do it again.  But according to Joey Fatone, it ain't happening.  At least, not any time soon.

Recalling the circumstances under which the reunion happened last year -- Justin called the rest of the group just two and a half weeks before the awards show -- Joey told the Huffington Post Live, "I don't know whether or not something will ever happen again, but you always say 'never say never,' 'cause that happened. That was never gonna happen, and all of a sudden it did happen."

"So at this moment in time, is it gonna happen?" Joey said of another reunion. "Absolutely 100% no, at this moment."

Joey also said that he's not really in favor of groups who claim they'll never tour again going back on their word.

"All these other groups and bands have said, 'We will never tour again,' and you see, like, New Kids on the Block touring," he noted. When asked if he felt 'N SYNC is being "shown up" by the large-scale tours that NKOTB and Backstreet Boys have done recently, Joey cracked, "No. I feel like they just need the money.  No, offense guys."

Joey did allow that if a group has a new album to promote, he's fine with them going back on the road.  But therein lies the challenge.

"We've been gone for over 10 years, what can we really do?" he asked. "How can we step it up? Are we gonna put a new album out?" He also noted that everyone has their own lives:  he, Justin and Chris Kirkpatrick are married, and Lance Bass is getting married.  Referring to JC Chasez, who is single, he then turned to the camera and joked, "JC, buddy, what's goin' on, bro?"

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