Katy Perry Gets Medieval in New Animated Ad for Killer Queen: Royal Revolution Perfume

Christie Goodwin/Capitol RecordsSometimes Katy Perry seems like a cartoon character, thanks to her out-there costumes, but now she really is one:  she appears in animated form in a new video created to promote her latest perfume Killer Queen: Royal Revolution.

The animated ad takes us back to a time of kings, knights and castles, where a bunch of armored guardsmen are shown nailing a note to a tree that reads, "Emperor's Order: Give Us Your First Born Daughter."  Crying young women are taken away from their families and loaded into a trailer with barred windows; they're then transported to the evil emperor's castle. There, they're "zapped" by some sort of machine and turned into mindless automatons.

A masked woman, who we know is Katy because she's wearing a jacket with "KP" on the back, sees the note with the emperor's order and hightails it to the castle, where she scales the walls and fights off some guards.  But soon, she's surrounded.  They take her to see the evil emperor, who demands she remove her mask; she does, and we see it's Katy -- or at least, a cartoon version of her, with dark hair. 

The emperor then orders Katy to be taken away and "zapped" like the rest of the woman, but while she's waiting to be put in the machine, she pulls out a bottle of Royal Revolution and spritzes it.  The guards are momentarily entranced by the scent, which allows her to whip out a dagger, beat them both up, and make her escape through the ceiling.  She emerges in another room, where the emperor is laughing evilly over a glowing green globe which is evidently the source of his power.

Katy drops from the ceiling, wielding the pointy end of the perfume bottle, and shatters the globe.  The emperor collapses, and is turned into an adorable cat; the women, meanwhile, are changed back to their true selves.  They flee the castle, leaving Katy to sit on the throne, stroking the cat.  The end.

Killer Queen: Royal Revolution is the newest iteration of Katy's Killer Queen fragrance.  It features notes of pink freesia, mystical blackthorn, jasmine and vanilla orchid.

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