MAGIC! Frontman Keeps Tabs on Justin Bieber: "I Look at Him Like a Little Brother"

(Far Right: Nasri Atweh) Chapman Baehler/RCA RecordsBefore MAGIC! broke through with their summer hit "Rude," their frontman, Nasri Atweh, penned hits for other artists, including Pitbull, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.  And Nasri, who's Canadian like the Bieb, says he's been keeping tabs on the young singer via text.

"I spent probably the most time with Justin out of everyone, because I did a lot of Justin's records. I look at him like a little brother," Nasri tells Rolling Stone.  "I just text him, 'Are you cool?" He's like, 'Yeah, I'm cool.'"  But that, says Nasri, is as far as his involvement in Justin's recent problems go. "It's none of my business.  He's a grown man," he  notes.

Nasri also says that Justin's happy that he's found success in his own right.  "[He] just called me the other day to congratulate me on 'Rude,'" he tells Rolling Stone.

While "Rude" is a reggae tune, as are many of the songs on MAGIC!'s album Don't Kill the Magic, Nasri says he doesn't participate in what's generally a big part of reggae culture: smoking pot.  "I don't smoke the weed — I'm really just creating vibes," he explains to Rolling Stone. "I smoked a joint once -- not too much, just a little bit -- and I thought, 'Oh, that's what it's like to be high.'"

But Nasri says just because he doesn't partake doesn't mean the band's fans don't. "Totally," he says. "We'll end up doing festivals, and people will be pretty zonked."

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