Musical Moms: Fergie Talks Singing to Baby Axl, Says His Name "Makes a Lot of Sense"

Image Courtesy Fergie via InstagramFergie may be a pop superstar, but she's also a rock chick, so it's not surprising that she'd name her son Axl, after the lead singer of Guns 'n Roses.  Unfortunately, this has caused some problems for her pal Slash, the former guitarist for Guns 'n Roses.  Because the two are friendly and have recorded together, Fergie says people keep asking him about her son's unusual name.

"We were laughing about it because of course [Slash] is the rock world and was in a band with Axl, so it's always brought up to him," Fergie tells ABC News Radio. "It's crazy. For me, it's not that crazy because I've always been very open about Axl [Rose] being one of my vocal idols. So for me, it just made a lot of sense, but it's funny [how] everybody asks him how he feels about it, and tries to make a big story out of it."

Since Axl was named after one of rock music's most notable vocalists, it's not surprising that baby Axl enjoys it when his mom and dad -- that's actor Josh Duhamel -- sing songs to him.  But it's not like they're belting out "Sweet Child 'O Mine" or anything.

"They're really non-invasive," Fergie says of the songs that she and Josh croon to their little man. "They're little ditties. We try to jazz em' up a little bit. He's our best audience. We love it because he just loves them, and they're soothing yet campy." 

"If I keep talking about this, one day they're going to make us sing them!" laughs Fergie. "We better be prepared and practice!"  

Baby Axl Jack turns one-year-old this August.

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