Nico & Vinz Are "Living a Dream" Thanks to Global Success of "Am I Wrong"

Stian Andersen/Warner Bros. RecordsOne of the candidates for "Song of the Summer" is definitely "Am I Wrong," by the Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz.  The song has been a smash all over the world -- most recently in the U.S. -- but that's not surprising, considering the duo consciously tried to create a sound that would please music fans everywhere, no matter where they live.

Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery -- both Norwegian, but with African parents -- started out as a duo called Envy, and their sound featured more rapping and less singing.  But when they decided they wanted to take their music to the U.S., they realized they couldn't compete as rappers, so they started to look for a new sound that was authentic to who they both are.

"We spent, I think, a year, year-and-a-half just trying to figure out what we could do to make the music appeal to people all over the world," Nico tells ABC News Radio. "So we had to figure out...who we are and what we are.  We have an African background; we have an urban background because of the rap music we've made; we're from Scandinavia -- we know those pop melodies, the Scandinavians are pretty good at that."

He continues, "So we just combined all of that and created this sound that we don't have a name for but basically which is Nico & Vinz! I think...this mix is what people find fresh and new."

The song "Am I Wrong" was also inspired by the duo's desire to make it outside of Norway, where they were already big stars. "We were in a situation where we've always had these huge dreams...but we're from a small country," explains Vinz. "And when you're from a small country, you have your doubts, because it's not usual for people from small countries to make it onto the biggest scenes. So we sat down and we just asked ourself the question, 'Am I wrong for believing in this? Am I wrong for thinking that we can achieve those huge dreams...?' And that's how the song came about."

With a universal message about following your dreams, along with a global-friendly sound, "Am I Wrong" quickly took off, but Nico & Vinz still say they're amazed at how fast the record blew up in America.  "It was a huge surprise," says Vinz. "I mean, I guess we're just really grateful for the response we've gotten from the fans and radio, for playing it that much.  And, you know, right now we're just living a dream...everything just seems sort of surreal, but it's fun, though."

Also surreal is the fact that Nico & Vinz are actually getting recognized in places other than Norway. During a recent trip to New York City, Nico tells ABC News Radio, "I was walking and somebody called my name -- 'Nico!' -- and I looked to my left and it was this carpenter kind of dude.  And I said, 'Do I know this person?' 'Cause to me it's not logical yet, y'know, getting recognized here in New York!" 

"I walked up to him and he said he loved the music and wanted me to keep going," Nico continues. "And I was really on a high when I left him.  I was like, 'Damn, I should have taken a picture with him -- first fan in New York!'"

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