One Direction Members Morph Into Each Other in New "You & I" Video

Columbia RecordsInstead of having to choose which member of One Direction you like best, wouldn't it be great if all five guys could be rolled up into one super-dreamy individual?  Well, that's what happens in the group's new video for the single "You & I."

The clip starts with Niall Horan coming out of a building on an amusement pier by the British seaside, wearing a grey sweater and black slacks.  As he starts singing and walking down the boardwalk, he looks down, and when he looks up, he's morphed into Liam Payne, wearing the same thing.  After Liam sings for a bit, he holds up his hand, and passes it in front of his face: boom!  He's Harry Styles.  After Harry does his part, he turns around, and when he turns to face the camera again, and he's changed into Zayn Malik.  Then Zayn morphs into Louis Tomlinson, who morphs into Harry again.

After a huge closeup on Harry's eyes, the camera pulls back to show all five guys walking down the boardwalk singing, surrounded by multiple copies of themselves, all "frozen" in action. As they continue their walk, the frozen images appear and reappear, and each guy "jumps" into his frozen image and reanimates it. They also blow up balloons and let them go, and kick plastic balls, all of which appear to hang in the air, frozen, until the real items take their place. The clip ends with all five guys together singing, still walking down the same boardwalk. 

"You & I" is the latest single from the band's album Midnight Memories.

 (A commercial may play before the video begins.)