One Direction Picture Disc Leads "Record Store Day" Pop Releases

Columbia Records/RecordStoreDay.comAttention One Direction fans: even if you don't have a turntable -- heck, even if you don't know what a turntable is -- you might want to get on down to your local independent record store on Saturday to get your hands on an exclusive 1D release.

Saturday is Record Store Day, an event which sees hundreds of artists of every musical genre creating special vinyl-only singles and albums, which you can buy exclusively at your local record store.  The idea is to keep these local stores in business in a day when most of us purchase music with the click of a mouse.

The members of One Direction aren't old enough to remember a world without CDs, yet they've prepared a seven-inch vinyl picture disc of "Midnight Memories," the title track from their most recently album.  The artwork features the boys dressed up like '80s hair-metal rockers -- appropriate, since "Midnight Memories" sounds an awful lot like a song by '80s hard-rockers Def Leppard.   The flip side is "Rock Me," a live track from the group's movie One Directon: This Is Us, and it's not available anywhere else.

While the majority of Record Store Day releases come from alternative and classic rock bands, there are other pop releases too.  A 12" picture disc version of Katy Perry's album PRISM is available, and Paramore has created a 12-inch disc for their latest hit "Ain't It Fun" that looks like a broken record.  fun. has a 10" vinyl disc featuring unreleased demos from their debut album, Aim & Ignite.  Zedd is offering a 12" version of his song "Find You," in both studio and live versions.  Bastille, meanwhile, has a 10" picture disc of their popular live mash-up number, "Of the Night," which also features a live version of their song "Oblivion."

In addition, Phillip Phillips will be performing live at one of the participating stores: Rasputin Music, in Berkley, California.  Not only can you catch his show, but you can pre-order his new album Behind the Light, and receive a wristband to meet him afterwards.

For all the details about which artists are releasing what, and which stores are participating, visit RecordStoresDay.com.

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