OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder on Difference Between Writing Band's Hits & Hits for Others

ABC/Tim OgierRyan Tedder is rarely off the Billboard charts:  if he's not scoring hits with OneRepublic, he's writing singles for other artists. For example, he co-wrote Maroon 5's latest top 10, "Maps."   But Ryan says writing songs for his band and writing them for other artists is very different, because it all comes down to who actually performs those songs.

Speaking to the British magazine FAULT, Ryan says, "OneRepublic songs are a lot harder for me. I compare it to theater. A OneRepublic album is a play written, directed, produced, performed by us, by me."

He adds, "When it’s for another artist, I feel like I wrote the dialogue, but I don’t have to stand on stage and deliver it, so I’m not the one getting tomatoes thrown at ‘em if it doesn’t go well."

Overall, Ryan says that being a successful pop songwriter is kinda grueling.  As he tells FAULT, "You have to have hits all the time: that is your currency. You have to have the most cutting edge, innovative, driving, fantastical songs that the world instantly reacts to."  He adds, "They don’t need a lot of thought, and you don’t have to dig deep."

OneRepublic is on tour supporting their current album Native and latest hit, "Love Runs Out."  They also have a song on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie The Giver.  Ryan tweeted that he's spent the past week in London slaving away in the studio, but he didn't indicate if what he's creating is for the band or for someone else...like Adele, for example.

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