Paramore Rock "Good Morning America," Get Ready to "Pray & Eat Junk Food" on Tour with Fall Out Boy

ABC/Lou RoccoDespite pouring rain, Paramore rocked New York City's Central Park Friday as part of Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series. In between playing their hit songs, lead singer Hayley Williams talked about how, after the band lost two members in 2010, it was great that their fans were still supportive of their music.

"Our fans went through a lot...most of them have been hanging out with us for a really long time. And we made this last album and it definitely felt like a second chance," she explained. "We lost two band members. We're a three-piece now. It was very liberating that these people still support what we do and love it."

As the band preps to hit the road next week for their joint tour with Fall Out Boy,  Hayley said she and her bandmates will be sure to continue their on-the-road traditions.

"I don't think there's a show we've played in 10 years where we didn't pray, huddle and pray, before every show. I don't know, it centers us," she said. "And after every show...we just hang out every night and eat junk food and watch movies."

The band's first stop is in Hartford, Connecticut on June 19, and one song they're sure to perform is their big hit "Still Into You."  Surprisingly, it's a track that almost didn't make their current self-titled album.

As Hayley explained, "We just didn't think that a love song would work as a Paramore hit, but we always loved it, and we did have faith in it. But it was just like, 'Really? That's going to work?'"

Next up on the GMA Summer Concert Series is Jennifer Lopez on June 20.

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