"Weird Al" Yankovic Gets "Handy" in Iggy Azalea Parody

RCA Records"Weird Al" Yankovic's eight day marathon of videos continued today with the release of his newest song parody: "Handy," a take-off on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy."

In a spoof straight out of Home Improvement, Weird Al straps on a denim vest and raps: "First things first, I'm a craftsman (craftsman), Remodeling is my only passion (it's my passion)," before he delivers the chorus: "I'm so handy, you already know/I'll fix your plumbing when your toilets overflow."

His nod to Jay Z's "99 Problems" is a winner as well: "I got 99 problems but a switch ain't one." He also brags about his skills "like MacGyver."

Weird Al has already released videos for his parodies of Pharrell Williams' "Happy," with "Tacky"; "Word Crimes," a send-up of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"; and "Foil," which skewers Lorde's "Royals" quite, um, handily.

The tracks appear on Weird Al's new record, Mandatory Fun.

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