Can You Touch Your Toes?

Whoops! You dropped your pencil. Can you reach it? No? It seems that you need some flexibility training. Your range flexibly decreases as you get older and as stress increases. It’s important to continually do flexibility training throughout your life.

Health Benefits of flexibility Training

Being flexible helps your body in many ways. It improves your physical and mental performance. Here are some more benefits:

  1. Reduces stress. As you go about your day, tension builds in your muscles, especially after you work out or are sitting at desk all day. Doing flexibility exercise gets rid of the tension.
  2. Improve your posture. Let’s face it. Slouching is not attractive, nor is it good for you body. The more you work on flexibility the better your posture.
  3. Less Injury. When your muscles are more pliable there is less risk of them having a tear or a pull.
  4. Quality of Life. Flexibility improves performance in exercise and in daily activities.

Once you incorporate flexibility training in your daily routines you will be able to do more things that you though you could never do. Reach that pencil!

Basic Flexibility Exercise

Basic Yoga


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