On Protein Drinks

Protein shakes and other protein-enriched drinks have become fairly popular over the past few years. Body builders and earnest, dedicated athletes have used them to build muscle mass. However, normal people are drinking them, relying on them for protein when they’re on the go, miss a meal, or want assistance in losing weight.

While protein drinks boast plenty of muscle-building potential for body builders, they may not be the best option for non-athletes. For one thing, it’s estimated that most Americans consume 50% more protein than they need in a day. Too much protein goes unused by the body. It is even thought that high levels of protein intake facilitate calcium excretion and can lead to osteoporosis.

Another issue is sugar content. Many protein drinks contain large amounts of sugar to make them taste better. This sugar holds many empty calories that are converted to fat by the body. There are many sugar-free options out there, but many of them are filled with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that can have an adverse affect on the body.

The bottom line seems to be this: if you’re a serious athlete or body builder, protein shakes can help you add muscle mass. If you’re a normal person looking get enough protein for proper bodily function, it’s best to get that protein from real food. And if you’re using protein drinks as meal replacements, it’s better to do so occasionally and not multiple times of day, everyday.


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