Tips for Weight Lifting Newbies

If you want to brush up your muscle definition or build up your strength, you’re probably going to end up doing some weight training. Lifting weights is a great way to get stronger, build muscle, and buff up. If you’ve never lifted before or if you’re getting back into lifting after a long absence, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind.

  • Choose reasonable goals for yourself: It may not be smart to go in with the goal of lifting a house or building muscles until you’re ripped like She-Hulk. Set smaller, more attainable goals and monitor your progress. As you accomplish your goals, set new ones. You can get sculpted like a Greek god, but it’s probably smarter to shoot for something a little more practical first.
  • Know your limits: You may feel strong enough to lift a large slab of limestone, but that doesn’t mean you should try. Lifting too much weight can lead to serious injuries. Learn your limits and don’t overdo it.
  • Learn the proper techniques for a few exercises: There are a ton of exercises you can do, different ways of lifting, but as you start off, you should concentrate on learning just a few. Your body will memorize the moments more quickly if it’s not overwhelmed. Also, learn to use the proper technique for the exercises you choose. This way, you’ll not only avoid injury, but you’ll get faster results.
  • Find a buddy: Pumping iron alone can be a lonely experience for a newbie. So, take a friend. You’ll have someone to compete with and motivate you. Also, you’ll have someone to spot you.
  • Get plenty of rest: Rest is essential to building muscle. Tired muscles can’t lift as intensely and are more prone to injury. Rest up, and rotate which muscle groups you work so you’re not working the same muscles too many days in a row.
  • Work on getting stronger: Whether you want to bulk up of just work on your definition, adding strength will help you. Becoming stronger also helps you do more complicated exercises.
  • Don’t get intimidated: Going to a gym packed with hard bodies can scare a first-timer. Don’t let it. Remember, every person in that gym was either overweight, out of shape, or a 90-pound wuss at some point.
  • Gym Prep List

    Here are a few items you want to make sure you have before set off to work out:

    • Gym clothes: They should be lightweight and comfortable.
    • Shoes: They don’t need to be anything special, but they should cover your toes.
    • Water bottle: Better for keeping you hydrated than pit stops at the drinking fountain.
    • Gloves: To keep your hands from blistering and give you good grip.
    • Gym bag: Keeping all your stuff together in a bag help save time when you’re on your way out.


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