Fun With Nail Guns

Rule #1 — When any­one ever says “Fun With Nail Guns” (like I just did in the title), don’t believe that it was ACTUAL fun with a nail gun.

For exam­ple: There was this guy named Dante in Illi­nois who was build­ing a shed. He was using a nail gun to put some boards up above his head. And that is when he felt a sharp pain in his head. But he didn’t think a whole lot of it.

He went to sleep that night and felt fine and woke up the next day and felt fine. But then he took a nap that day and FINALLY real­ized that some­thing was wrong and ended up going to the hospital.

A doc­tor took his X-Ray, and found that there was a 3.25 inch NAIL stuck in his BRAIN. No joke. Check out his X-Ray right here:

Dante got rushed to another hos­pi­tal for emer­gency surgery. Some­how, the nail in his brain inci­dent won’t affect him AT ALL in the future.

At this point in the story, you’re prob­a­bly like “How in the WORLD did he not feel that?”. Come to find out that there are no pain-nerves in the brain, which is why he orig­i­nally felt that sharp pain, but then noth­ing else.

This is Dante after the surgery:

ALWAYS be safe around nail guns. In my expe­ri­ence, they can be dan­ger­ous. Just ask my dad, who acci­dently nailed his HAND to a 2x4 once. (He laughs about it now, but it was so funny back when it happened).

On that note, here is a video of Happy Gilmore play­ing with a nail gun: (Nail gun scene starts at 2:43)

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