Fun With Nail Guns

Rule #1 – When anyone ever says “Fun With Nail Guns” (like I just did in the title), don’t believe that it was ACTUAL fun with a nail gun.

For example: There was this guy named Dante in Illinois who was building a shed. He was using a nail gun to put some boards up above his head. And that is when he felt a sharp pain in his head. But he didn’t think a whole lot of it.

He went to sleep that night and felt fine and woke up the next day and felt fine. But then he took a nap that day and FINALLY realized that something was wrong and ended up going to the hospital.

A doctor took his X-Ray, and found that there was a 3.25 inch NAIL stuck in his BRAIN. No joke. Check out his X-Ray right here:

Dante got rushed to another hospital for emergency surgery. Somehow, the nail in his brain incident won’t affect him AT ALL in the future.

At this point in the story, you’re probably like “How in the WORLD did he not feel that?”. Come to find out that there are no pain-nerves in the brain, which is why he originally felt that sharp pain, but then nothing else.

This is Dante after the surgery:

ALWAYS be safe around nail guns. In my experience, they can be dangerous. Just ask my dad, who accidently nailed his HAND to a 2×4 once. (He laughs about it now, but it was so funny back when it happened).

On that note, here is a video of Happy Gilmore playing with a nail gun: (Nail gun scene starts at 2:43)

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