Gotye VS. Glee

The TV Show “Glee” recently did a ver­sion of Gotye’s “Some­body That I Used To Know”. It was per­formed by Dar­ren Criss (Blaine) and by guest star Matt Bomer.

Well, Gotye heard the Glee ver­sion of his song. And he HATED it.

He said that the Glee ver­sion of the song made it sound “dinky and wrong”.

Gotye also said, “They did such a faith­ful arrange­ment of the instru­men­tals, but the vocals were pop ‘Glee’ style.… ultra-dry, sounded pretty tuned, and the rock has no real sense.…. like it’s play­ing to you from a card­board box.”

In other words, Glee needs to give it up.

Tell us what YOU think about the Glee ver­sion. Here is the orig­i­nal ver­sion of the song:

And here is Glee’s version:


This is an easy one: Gotye wins hands down.

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