Highland Trouveres Go Global with One-Take Lip Dub

UPDATE: The High­land Trou­veres’ one-take lip dub is being watched all over the world. Z103  posted the video just over two weeks ago when it had just a few thou­sand views, but now the video is well on its way to a million!

48 stu­dents and one Pocatello high school teacher bust out their best dance moves in an eight minute mashup of today’s hottest songs. The catch…they did it all in one take!

The High­land Trou­veres, High­land High School’s stu­dent choir, took about a month to assign parts and chore­o­graph the moves. The only edit­ing done by direc­tors Ben Fisher and Bry­ton Nield was for the title slate, color fix, music over­lay and a minor speed change at the end.

Fis­cher says in an inter­view with the Huff­in­g­ton Post, “It took a few prac­tice takes. We had only done it a few times and the fifth one could have worked for the final draft.” Fis­cher says he and Nield got the final cut after about eight or ten tries.

No teach­ers were harmed in the mak­ing of this video.

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