Hot Dog Stuffed Crust?

There has been a lot of inno­va­tions to pizza over the years. The “Stuffed Crust” that was intro­duced by Pizza Hut a long time ago was a smash hit. And now, they are tak­ing it up a notch.…. by com­bin­ing two food groups and mak­ing them into one.

Read it and weep, because STUFFED HOT DOG CRUST PIZZA is here!

Instead of cheese on the inside, it’s a hot dog, and it’s around the entire edge of your pizza.

They will even include MUSTARD on your pizza to make it more authentic.

Unfor­tu­nately for us Amer­i­cans, this pizza is cur­rently only in Great Britain.

BUT, the ques­tion remains, if Pizza Hut came out with that style of pizza in Amer­ica, would you try it?

Me: I would def­i­nitely try it, but only if some­one else bought it for me.

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