Hot Dog Stuffed Crust?

There has been a lot of innovations to pizza over the years. The “Stuffed Crust” that was introduced by Pizza Hut a long time ago was a smash hit. And now, they are taking it up a notch….. by combining two food groups and making them into one.

Read it and weep, because STUFFED HOT DOG CRUST PIZZA is here!

Instead of cheese on the inside, it’s a hot dog, and it’s around the entire edge of your pizza.

They will even include MUSTARD on your pizza to make it more authentic.

Unfortunately for us Americans, this pizza is currently only in Great Britain.

BUT, the question remains, if Pizza Hut came out with that style of pizza in America, would you try it?

Me: I would definitely try it, but only if someone else bought it for me.

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