Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie?

Remem­ber the game “Hun­gry Hun­gry Hip­pos?” I do. In fact, I still have that game at my house.

Appar­ently, Has­bro (the com­pany that makes Hun­gry Hun­gry Hip­pos) is work­ing with a film pro­duc­tion com­pany to make an actual MOVIE about the game… kinda like what just hap­pened with Bat­tle­ship. Allegedly, Has­bro is also going to be doing the same thing for “Monopoly”.

How­ever, some­body out there made a FAKE trailer for “Hun­gry Hun­gry Hip­pos” and posted it on YouTube:

I like how they included Liam Nee­son in the trailer… which brings me to my next point:

Has­bro ought to just team with the stu­dio that made “Taken” and “Taken 2″ and just com­bine the two. I see the title like this:

Taken 3: The Hun­gry Hun­gry Hip­pos Now Have Liam Neeson’s Rel­a­tives in Cus­tody, and We’re Not Even Jok­ing This Time”

Be hon­est: you would watch it.

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