This is just unreal. It’s like one of those sto­ries that your crazy Uncle Larry tells all the time and claims to have done, but in real­ity, he really just broke the kitchen window.

But THIS really DID happen!

Some Japan­ese soc­cer star/dude/player actu­ally kicked a ball through an open win­dow of a MOVING BUS.

I don’t think that this video was doc­tored or any­thing like that, and it seems 100% REAL. Oh and the video is in another lan­guage.… just ignore that, you’re here to watch the VIDEO.

Check it out!

Haha I love the reac­tion of not only the peo­ple who were with the guy tak­ing the shot, but also the peo­ple on the bus!

Are you impressed? Can you do some­thing like that? TELL US! If you have any crazy Uncle Larry sto­ries, post them below! If you have a VIDEO of your crazy Uncle Larry story, post it below or link it to my face­book page! www.facebook.com/z103matty

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