This is just unreal. It’s like one of those stories that your crazy Uncle Larry tells all the time and claims to have done, but in reality, he really just broke the kitchen window.

But THIS really DID happen!

Some Japanese soccer star/dude/player actually kicked a ball through an open window of a MOVING BUS.

I don’t think that this video was doctored or anything like that, and it seems 100% REAL. Oh and the video is in another language…. just ignore that, you’re here to watch the VIDEO.

Check it out!

Haha I love the reaction of not only the people who were with the guy taking the shot, but also the people on the bus!

Are you impressed? Can you do something like that? TELL US! If you have any crazy Uncle Larry stories, post them below! If you have a VIDEO of your crazy Uncle Larry story, post it below or link it to my facebook page! www.facebook.com/z103matty

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