Is Tebow Excited?

Tim Tebow was traded from the Den­ver Bron­cos to the New York Jets over the week­end. The Jets held a press con­fer­ence to intro­duce Tebow.… as their new BACKUP quarterback.

With the whole “Tebow­Ma­nia” deal that went on last sea­son, the biggest media mar­ket in the coun­try just got their first taste of “TebowMania”.

The result? They were over­dosed on excite­ment. Literally.

Dur­ing his 32 minute long press con­fer­ence, Tim said that he was “excited” 44 TIMES!

Don’t believe me? Watch this:


Do you think he is excited? Umm­m­m­m­m­mmm.….…… nah.

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