Jay-Z's "Glory"

Jay-Z is a new DADDY! So to kick off his child’s life, he decided to write and pro­duce a song that the kid won’t be able to under­stand until she is at least 14… haha.

But seri­ously how COOL is this? To have a song writ­ten about you by your super­star dad?! The song is called “Glory” (I’m assum­ing the baby is his pride, joy, AND glory). Check out the song for your­self right here:


It is inter­est­ing in the song to find out where the child was con­ceived AND the fact that Bey­once had a mis­car­riage prior to this. Even with those not-so-private-anymore details, it’s still awe­some to see how dif­fer­ent peo­ple express love for their kids. Jay-Z’s way is through rap­ping and hip hop.

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