JB Madness In Norway!

It may not have been Justin Bieber telling the masses to start riots, but you get the idea.

Nor­we­gian police were report­edly “on the verge of declar­ing a STATE OF EMERGENCY in Oslo” yes­ter­day, after tens of thou­sands of fans flooded the city.

Justin was there to per­form a free six-song set for a prime­time spe­cial on NBC, and the chaos got so bad that local offi­cials asked him to take the stage EARLY before “all hell broke loose”.

At one point, a secu­rity offi­cer claimed that “about 15 girls had passed out.”

But Justin wasn’t actu­ally there. He was safely tucked away at a “secret loca­tion,” wait­ing for a heli­copter to pick him up and take him to the stage. But he was aware of the insanity.

He Tweeted, “Nor­way: Please lis­ten to the police. I don’t want any­one get­ting hurt. I want every­thing to go to plan but your safety must come first.

For the show to hap­pen you must all lis­ten to the police. We’re all con­cerned for your safety and I want what is best for you. Please listen.”

So it wasn’t QUITE a riot, but it was darn close.

Here is some of the crazy video of it all:

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