JB Taunts Baby Mama!

We all thought that the Justin Bieber “Baby Mama” was all done and over it.

Well, Justin isn’t fin­ished just yet.

Two days ago on his Twit­ter account, the Biebs sent out a mes­sage to his accuser, Mariah Yeater. If you don’t remem­ber who she is, this pic­ture ought to help you out:

Now that you remem­ber, here is what he tweeted out to the world:

Dear Mariah Yeater… we have never met…so from the heart I just wanted to say…”

He then posted this video clip from the movie “Borat”:

So, in a sense, he is a taunt­ing AND get­ting revenge on her.

No one has really heard what, if any­thing, has hap­pened since the alle­ga­tions came out last year. The last thing any­one had heard was that Mariah was dis­put­ing Justin Bieber’s pater­nity test.

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