Khloe's REAL Dad?

The battle of “Who is Khloe Kardashian’s REAL father?” continues on.

First, the not-so-reliable National Enquirer reported that it was former NFL player and now convicted felon OJ Simpson. But, the chances of that are slim.

But now, this new one that is being reported actually sort of makes sense.

The name of this guy is Alex Roldan. He is Kris Jenner’s HAIRDRESSER. And most of the media believes that he is Khloe’s REAL DAD.

See for yourself! Here is a comparison between the two. The picture of Alex was taken from a music video that Kris Jenner filmed back in the 80’s (I know it’s old, but it makes sense time-wise):

Do you see the resemblance?

The entire Kardashian clan/empire continues to deny that this is the case. But you know, a simple DNA test would put the rest ALL of the talk, conspiracy, and rumors about the case. If the Kardashian’s really do know that Khloe is a product of Robert Kardashian, maybe they should do that paternity test. Just sayin’. DNA doesn’t lie!

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