It’s true. Kim Kar­dashian was attacked. Not by guns or fists. But by explo­sives. FLOUR-BASED explosives.

Kim was at an event in Hol­ly­wood pro­mot­ing her new fra­grance line “True Reflec­tion”. Some ran­dom lady ran up to Kim while she was on the red car­pet and hit her with flour. Kim was rushed away by secu­rity and the lady was caught and held by police. Rumor has it that the lady is part of an anti-fur activism group, which makes sense as to why she would attack Kim since Kim LOVES fur everything.

Believe it or not, Kim thought it was flat-out hilar­i­ous that she got flour bombed. She said, “That was prob­a­bly the cra­zi­est, unex­pected, weird thing that has ever hap­pened to me.”

I’m sure that on the inside, she was fum­ing. Just a guess.

Here are some pic­tures from “crime scene”:

Unknown source


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