It’s true. Kim Kardashian was attacked. Not by guns or fists. But by explosives. FLOUR-BASED explosives.

Kim was at an event in Hollywood promoting her new fragrance line “True Reflection”. Some random lady ran up to Kim while she was on the red carpet and hit her with flour. Kim was rushed away by security and the lady was caught and held by police. Rumor has it that the lady is part of an anti-fur activism group, which makes sense as to why she would attack Kim since Kim LOVES fur everything.

Believe it or not, Kim thought it was flat-out hilarious that she got flour bombed. She said, “That was probably the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that has ever happened to me.”

I’m sure that on the inside, she was fuming. Just a guess.

Here are some pictures from “crime scene”:

Unknown source


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