Kim's BUTT is FAKE?!

Wouldn’t this just be flat-out HILARIOUS?!

The National Enquirer is claim­ing that Kim Kardashian’s world-famous BUTT is totally, 100% FAKE!

The mag­a­zine is say­ing that Kim uses booty pads, Spanx, and “other things” to enhance her curves, but that she has no “butt implants”.

Here is the inter­est­ing part of the story: it claims that the entire rea­son that Kim went to Min­nesota not too long ago to visit Kris Humphries was NOT to talk to Kris about their divorce, but that it was to get a video of her REAL butt off of Kris’ cell phone! That would make a lot of sense, since it would destroy Kim’s rep­u­ta­tion for her behind.

Wow. The things we fol­low nowa­days on TV. Haha.

Speak­ing of TV, there is an online peti­tion going around to have “Keep­ing Up With The Kar­dashi­ans” taken OFF the air! So far, it has over 30,000 signatures.

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