Kim's BUTT is FAKE?!

Wouldn’t this just be flat-out HILARIOUS?!

The National Enquirer is claiming that Kim Kardashian’s world-famous BUTT is totally, 100% FAKE!

The magazine is saying that Kim uses booty pads, Spanx, and “other things” to enhance her curves, but that she has no “butt implants”.

Here is the interesting part of the story: it claims that the entire reason that Kim went to Minnesota not too long ago to visit Kris Humphries was NOT to talk to Kris about their divorce, but that it was to get a video of her REAL butt off of Kris’ cell phone! That would make a lot of sense, since it would destroy Kim’s reputation for her behind.

Wow. The things we follow nowadays on TV. Haha.

Speaking of TV, there is an online petition going around to have “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” taken OFF the air! So far, it has over 30,000 signatures.

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